Everything tells a story. If we just stop for a moment and allow ourselves to listen. Everything is shaped by the past, lives in the present, awaiting to be refined by what is to come. Every moment adds. Each unique experience leaves a mark.

The first chapter of Horisaki begun with the tradition and development of hat craftsmanship. Our very starting point is every milliner and hatters combined history of trial and error, insights and learnings, failure and success. Our pieces are our summary and interpretation of that heritage; they express our journey.

We work at our own pace. Affected by the ever-changing environment, influenced by the silent scenery surrounding us and inspired by the no-nonsense legacy of the Swedish countryside. Our craft takes time. Our pieces are made to be worn and they will last for a lifetime. Sprung from our heritage, shaped by our hands, defined by our journey. Meant to continue develop at their own pace.

Our creations tell our story. Allow yourselves to listen.